Must know Kitchen Design Tips

The most important thing to consider when undertaking a kitchen redesign is functionality. What you must bear in mind is the kitchen work triangle regardless of whether your kitchen is galley-shaped, U-shaped or L- shaped. The area around the cooktop, sink, and fridge which makes the kitchen triangle is the area you should plan for by allowing enough space for free movement. The following are the kitchen design tips you must be aware of:
• Sufficient Storage Spacedeep drawers pots
According failing to plan for sufficient storage is a big mistake during a kitchen design. Make use of the available space to add as much storage space as possible. Ensure pots and pans have deep drawers where they can be stored conveniently. Proper storage should help to cut clutter by storing any items that would fill the countertops.
• Proper Lighting
Nowadays a kitchen needs more than just overhead lighting. You need well-lit kitchen workstations and overhead lighting alone will cast shadows on the area. Consider having under cabinet lighting to directly illuminate your countertops.
• Power Outlets
When it comes to kitchen power outlets the more the better. Ensure you install the correct power outlets for your appliances. Don’t wait to later find out you do not have the appropriate power or gas lines. Make sure the spaces you have apportioned your appliances are sufficient for them to fit. The last thing you want is a crammed dishwasher pushing against the drain.
• Extra Countertop space
Additional countertop space is always welcome. Select countertop surface material that is easy to clean and maintain. Bear in mind that there are surfaces that scratch easily such as stainless steel and granite, and grout is difficult to maintain.
• Safety
Since the kitchen is the main hub where everyone congregates it needs to be safe for everyone. Ensure the cooking area is well away from the playing areas. Minimize accidents by using slip-resistant flooring, rounded countertops and safe height for ovens.
• Range Hoodsrange hood
Consider installing a quiet and efficient range hood with outside venting to clear the air and eliminate cooking odors.
• Plan for Trash
There several options for incorporating trash and recycling bins such as non-obstructing stainless steel garbage container and under cabinet built-in bins.
• Flooring
Install elegant flooring that is easy to maintain. For safety reasons select slip-resistant flooring. Consider the level of maintenance since there are floors that need regular resealing such as stone floors. Hardwood floors still remain a favorite due to their warmth and elegance ensure you examine the kitchen triangle area where the floor wears out quickly. Tiles look amazing and are easy to clean but they are hard and cold on the feet.
With these tips in mind, you can proceed with your kitchen remodel and make informed design choices.

Ideas for decorating the living room to look larger

small living room spaceWhen guests go through the front door the first room they encounter is the living room. According to this Chicago cleaning service the living room space will determine how guests will feel about the entire home. The living room is the main area for entertainment and relaxation for both family and guests and should be designed with that in mind.
Remodeling the living room to extend the physical space is costly. There are other affordable ways to make the living room appear larger. The following simple living room decorating ideas will make your living space appear larger.
• Concentrate on the floor
The floor is a critical aspect of the living room space because it is among the largest areas in the room. To create a flowing design and visually extend the space use a single flooring material, for instance, wood, tiles, carpet etc. all over the living room and the adjacent rooms. Similarly, avoid contrasting floor coverings that distract the eye. The floor should fade below the furniture instead of stopping abruptly, therefore, choose cabinets and sofas that have legs.
• Utilize the walls
The visual and physical size of the room is defined by the point the floor and the walls meet. To physically change the wall locations you will require a construction contractor, however, living room decoration can highlight the height of the wall and attract the eye up creating a larger visual appearance of the room. To achieve this ensure guests are forced to look up by installing crown molding, tall bookshelves and hanging floor-length curtains next to the ceiling.
• Arrange to ease traffic
One of the hallmarks of a large space is undisturbed movement, therefore, ensure the furniture arrangement allows free movement of people within the living room space. Plan for how one will go into the room and their next destination probablsmall living room decory a sofa or chair. Ensure the furniture arrangement allows for easy flow of traffic without interruptions. Provide enough space for carrying out the normal living room tasks such as switching lights, opening and closing window curtains etc.
• Create a focal point
To take the mind of people away from the room’s size by laying emphasis on a central point or accent piece. The focal point can be a mantle, some bold contrasting furniture piece, a feature wall etc. A contrasting accessory such as an object that has an entirely different style from your overall décor is another alternative for creating a focal point. Try some original modern art pieces or a traditional antique armoire to go with your modest modern furniture.
• Use Mirrors
To make the living room space appear larger use mirrors to not only reflect light but also thrust walls away. Position the mirrors facing your most stunning décor, for instance, beautiful curtains, flowers, windows and art pieces to reflect the lovely and appealing beauty. Use a single large framed mirror supported on the floor or a combination of small mirrors on a wall rather than a mirrored wall that looks backward and disturbs the aesthetic.

Why you should consider adding an extra bathroom

Most of us have learned to contend with having one bathroom no matter the size of the home or constant fighting in the morning over the bathroom. The majority of families have had to come up with a formula for getting ready for work and school in the morning. Someone could be in the shower, another one in the tobathroom waitingilet and possibly the little one in the sink.
However, this must not be the case forever. Everyone could use a little privacy and the solution to the bathroom problem is to add an extra one in your house. A second bathroom is a great investment with lots of benefits. The following are some of the reasons you should consider installing an extra bathroom.
• Boost Property Value
The value of your property will go up when you add an extra bathroom by about 5% based according real estate experts. Provided you do not convert a vital room into a bathroom such as the guest bedroom. You should only consider converting the extra bedroom into a second bathroom if there is no other option and you badly need another bathroom.
• Accommodate bigger family
As your family grows the need for an extra bathroom will increase. You may have a small family now but should you decide to have more children a installing a second bathroom will a wise move for the future of your home. Plan for such eventualities in advance and construct an extra bathroom without stressing the little ones. According to extra bathrooms will be used less often accumulating less dirt compared to having one for the whole family and guests.

family bathroom
• Convenience
Having an extra bathroom downstairs can be such a luxury especially if you never had one previously. That means you will no longer need to run upstairs every time you need to use the bathroom. Having a second bathroom downstairs is more convenient when you have guests. When guest politely ask you where the bathroom is, you won’t need to provide a long list of directions.
The luxury of having your own en-suite bathroom is simply liberating. No more creeping to the bathroom across the hallway each time you need to relieve yourself in the middle of the night. Enjoy your own  custom shower and prepare for work every morning without rushing or banging down doors. It provides both comfort and privacy for you.
The convenience of a bathroom on every floor leads to improved accessibility especially for the elderly and physically disabled reducing stress on daily life.
• Improved Privacy
Privacy is one of the key motivations for adding a second bathroom. It reduces the need to share bathrooms with the rest of the family or guests. It allows you the comfort of enjoying a long luxurious bath after a hard day without worrying about inconveniencing other people. Nobody will be banging at your bathroom door asking you to hurry up.
• Amazes Guests
This may not be the main concern for adding an extra bathroom but to some extent guests will be quite amazed by the extra bathroom addition.

The home improvement projects are a huge investment, but they offer tremendous convenience and luxury.

Bathroom design planning tips

There are several considerations that have to be made when designing a new bathroom or remodeling. We have outlined some of the design tips and ideas to consider when planning your bathroom design. They include things such as bathroom features, layouts, storage solutions and much more including:
• Simplicity
Simplicity is a key aspect when planning a bathroom design. Rather than complicate a bathroom design and or try to include every imaginable feature, a simple design will be more appropriate. In fact, simple is more attractive when it comes to bathroom design because it creates a spacious look even for the smaller bathrooms.
Cramming a small space with a shower, bath, toilet, double basinsdouble basins, storage areas can make the room look cluttered. For an organized design consider separating the wet room using toughened glass screening rather than going for both a bath and shower. Instead of planning to install separate mirrors why not install mirrors as part of the storage units.
• Functionality
When designing your bathroom should you place a high priority on property value or the functionality and style. When you look at the bathroom design from the view of increasing property value for resale then a family bath will be essential for a market niche with little kids.
If you intend to stay around for a long time then you should design a bathroom suits you well. Make the most out of the design, after all, it is your bathroom. The design will most probably get out-of-date many years later and certain aspects of it will require remodeling in future.
• Storage
For a smooth, beautiful and uncluttered bathroom look consider installing concealed cisterns. According to this Sacramento CA house cleaning company they are also much simpler to clean. The uncluttered theme can also be extended to the storage units with mirrored wall cabinets as well as heated towel rails. However, keep in mind that there are lots of places for storing towels, therefore, do not exaggerate with the rails.
• Flexibility
A bathroom should not only be functional but also attractive. Since a bathroom serves the entire family it must be functional without sacrificing on visual appeal or luxury. Installing a double basin is a smart way of achieving both functionality and visual appeal with available space, since there could always be two or more people using the bathroom concurrently.
According to to get increased storage without disturbing the clean look consider having recessed walls. Avoid the corner storage racks since they are not rugged when loaded with items and are less beautiful.
For the safety of your family consider non-slip shower surfaces and built-in shower heads. To get some peace and quiet in the middle of the night choose soft-close toilets if you do not want to wake up every time someone goes to the toilet.

Planning A Glitch-Free Home Addition Project

1_001There can be a number of reasons for wanting to have an addition to your home, you need more space maybe because a new family member has arrived or maybe you have grown tired of cramming your family into a tiny space and it’s time for a much needed additional kitchen space. Whatever your reason is, it is always wise to plan ahead. Allow yourself some “dreamtime” in order for put your needs into a clearer focus. You can compile a scrapbook full of photos and plans which you have clipped from your favorite home-design magazines. Watch TV shows that feature remodeling or redecorating projects and gather ideas and inspiration by visiting new and remodeled homes in your area. Planning will ensure a smooth flow of the works in order to finish on time.

Here are 5 tips for adding a new room:

1. Gathering of Legal Documents: Before planning anything, track down a few legal documents first. Find an accurate plot plan of your property showing the property lines and the proximity of the existing and proposed buildings to those lines. You will need to ensure that the new addition is not built “outside” jurisdictional setbacks defined by local Zoning laws that is why this step is very important. If you skip this step and there is a property built too close to the property lines, this might have to be torn down. Go to your local Registry of Deeds where plot plans and surveys are usually available.

2. Realistic Budget Should Be Determined: It is important to determine a budget before meeting up with a builder or architect. You would not want to stretch yourself thin financially going for a design you have fallen in love with because you have not set your budget with your contractors first. Take into consideration as well the cost for a decent contingency number, increases to property taxes, utility expenses and insurance.

3. 7406432Identify Exactly What You Need: What you need should be considered above and beyond what you might “want”. Keep a very specific list of the functions you will need the new space to provide. You can also make a list of “special” items you might be able to consider if an extra budget turns up.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Hire A Design Professional: You might have a lot of ideas about designs but the truth is Architects does not only provide great service but their designs offer amazing spaces that any average person can’t come up with. They can also be the best source of reference and it will be worthwhile to heed their recommendations to enable you to choose a builder you can trust.

5. Financing and Realistic Expectations: While a new addition can be exciting, it can be disillusioning as well if you start the project without a substantial equity ready on the table. You must be realistic with your budget, your needs, and your expectations because even small projects can cost you a lot and may take time and cause disruptions to your family,

Keep in mind that additions are NOT DIY Projects. You shouldn’t attempt a building addition even if you think you are competent enough, unless you are a contractor yourself. Besides, if a bank is financing the project, a licensed general contractor is required since a house addition project typically requires multiple trades and a number of coordination.

Building a home addition is a huge undertaking. You could encounter a lot of glitches and suffer both financially and emotionally if you do not plan well.