Must know Kitchen Design Tips

The most important thing to consider when undertaking a kitchen redesign is functionality. What you must bear in mind is the kitchen work triangle regardless of whether your kitchen is galley-shaped, U-shaped or L- shaped. The area around the cooktop, sink, and fridge which makes the kitchen triangle is the area you should plan for by allowing enough space for free movement. The following are the kitchen design tips you must be aware of:
• Sufficient Storage Spacedeep drawers pots
According failing to plan for sufficient storage is a big mistake during a kitchen design. Make use of the available space to add as much storage space as possible. Ensure pots and pans have deep drawers where they can be stored conveniently. Proper storage should help to cut clutter by storing any items that would fill the countertops.
• Proper Lighting
Nowadays a kitchen needs more than just overhead lighting. You need well-lit kitchen workstations and overhead lighting alone will cast shadows on the area. Consider having under cabinet lighting to directly illuminate your countertops.
• Power Outlets
When it comes to kitchen power outlets the more the better. Ensure you install the correct power outlets for your appliances. Don’t wait to later find out you do not have the appropriate power or gas lines. Make sure the spaces you have apportioned your appliances are sufficient for them to fit. The last thing you want is a crammed dishwasher pushing against the drain.
• Extra Countertop space
Additional countertop space is always welcome. Select countertop surface material that is easy to clean and maintain. Bear in mind that there are surfaces that scratch easily such as stainless steel and granite, and grout is difficult to maintain.
• Safety
Since the kitchen is the main hub where everyone congregates it needs to be safe for everyone. Ensure the cooking area is well away from the playing areas. Minimize accidents by using slip-resistant flooring, rounded countertops and safe height for ovens.
• Range Hoodsrange hood
Consider installing a quiet and efficient range hood with outside venting to clear the air and eliminate cooking odors.
• Plan for Trash
There several options for incorporating trash and recycling bins such as non-obstructing stainless steel garbage container and under cabinet built-in bins.
• Flooring
Install elegant flooring that is easy to maintain. For safety reasons select slip-resistant flooring. Consider the level of maintenance since there are floors that need regular resealing such as stone floors. Hardwood floors still remain a favorite due to their warmth and elegance ensure you examine the kitchen triangle area where the floor wears out quickly. Tiles look amazing and are easy to clean but they are hard and cold on the feet.
With these tips in mind, you can proceed with your kitchen remodel and make informed design choices.