Bathroom design planning tips

There are several considerations that have to be made when designing a new bathroom or remodeling. We have outlined some of the design tips and ideas to consider when planning your bathroom design. They include things such as bathroom features, layouts, storage solutions and much more including:
• Simplicity
Simplicity is a key aspect when planning a bathroom design. Rather than complicate a bathroom design and or try to include every imaginable feature, a simple design will be more appropriate. In fact, simple is more attractive when it comes to bathroom design because it creates a spacious look even for the smaller bathrooms.
Cramming a small space with a shower, bath, toilet, double basinsdouble basins, storage areas can make the room look cluttered. For an organized design consider separating the wet room using toughened glass screening rather than going for both a bath and shower. Instead of planning to install separate mirrors why not install mirrors as part of the storage units.
• Functionality
When designing your bathroom should you place a high priority on property value or the functionality and style. When you look at the bathroom design from the view of increasing property value for resale then a family bath will be essential for a market niche with little kids.
If you intend to stay around for a long time then you should design a bathroom suits you well. Make the most out of the design, after all, it is your bathroom. The design will most probably get out-of-date many years later and certain aspects of it will require remodeling in future.
• Storage
For a smooth, beautiful and uncluttered bathroom look consider installing concealed cisterns. According to this Sacramento CA house cleaning company they are also much simpler to clean. The uncluttered theme can also be extended to the storage units with mirrored wall cabinets as well as heated towel rails. However, keep in mind that there are lots of places for storing towels, therefore, do not exaggerate with the rails.
• Flexibility
A bathroom should not only be functional but also attractive. Since a bathroom serves the entire family it must be functional without sacrificing on visual appeal or luxury. Installing a double basin is a smart way of achieving both functionality and visual appeal with available space, since there could always be two or more people using the bathroom concurrently.
According to to get increased storage without disturbing the clean look consider having recessed walls. Avoid the corner storage racks since they are not rugged when loaded with items and are less beautiful.
For the safety of your family consider non-slip shower surfaces and built-in shower heads. To get some peace and quiet in the middle of the night choose soft-close toilets if you do not want to wake up every time someone goes to the toilet.