Ideas for decorating the living room to look larger

small living room spaceWhen guests go through the front door the first room they encounter is the living room. According to this Chicago cleaning service the living room space will determine how guests will feel about the entire home. The living room is the main area for entertainment and relaxation for both family and guests and should be designed with that in mind.
Remodeling the living room to extend the physical space is costly. There are other affordable ways to make the living room appear larger. The following simple living room decorating ideas will make your living space appear larger.
• Concentrate on the floor
The floor is a critical aspect of the living room space because it is among the largest areas in the room. To create a flowing design and visually extend the space use a single flooring material, for instance, wood, tiles, carpet etc. all over the living room and the adjacent rooms. Similarly, avoid contrasting floor coverings that distract the eye. The floor should fade below the furniture instead of stopping abruptly, therefore, choose cabinets and sofas that have legs.
• Utilize the walls
The visual and physical size of the room is defined by the point the floor and the walls meet. To physically change the wall locations you will require a construction contractor, however, living room decoration can highlight the height of the wall and attract the eye up creating a larger visual appearance of the room. To achieve this ensure guests are forced to look up by installing crown molding, tall bookshelves and hanging floor-length curtains next to the ceiling.
• Arrange to ease traffic
One of the hallmarks of a large space is undisturbed movement, therefore, ensure the furniture arrangement allows free movement of people within the living room space. Plan for how one will go into the room and their next destination probablsmall living room decory a sofa or chair. Ensure the furniture arrangement allows for easy flow of traffic without interruptions. Provide enough space for carrying out the normal living room tasks such as switching lights, opening and closing window curtains etc.
• Create a focal point
To take the mind of people away from the room’s size by laying emphasis on a central point or accent piece. The focal point can be a mantle, some bold contrasting furniture piece, a feature wall etc. A contrasting accessory such as an object that has an entirely different style from your overall décor is another alternative for creating a focal point. Try some original modern art pieces or a traditional antique armoire to go with your modest modern furniture.
• Use Mirrors
To make the living room space appear larger use mirrors to not only reflect light but also thrust walls away. Position the mirrors facing your most stunning décor, for instance, beautiful curtains, flowers, windows and art pieces to reflect the lovely and appealing beauty. Use a single large framed mirror supported on the floor or a combination of small mirrors on a wall rather than a mirrored wall that looks backward and disturbs the aesthetic.