Why you should consider adding an extra bathroom

Most of us have learned to contend with having one bathroom no matter the size of the home or constant fighting in the morning over the bathroom. The majority of families have had to come up with a formula for getting ready for work and school in the morning. Someone could be in the shower, another one in the tobathroom waitingilet and possibly the little one in the sink.
However, this must not be the case forever. Everyone could use a little privacy and the solution to the bathroom problem is to add an extra one in your house. A second bathroom is a great investment with lots of benefits. The following are some of the reasons you should consider installing an extra bathroom.
• Boost Property Value
The value of your property will go up when you add an extra bathroom by about 5% based according real estate experts. Provided you do not convert a vital room into a bathroom such as the guest bedroom. You should only consider converting the extra bedroom into a second bathroom if there is no other option and you badly need another bathroom.
• Accommodate bigger family
As your family grows the need for an extra bathroom will increase. You may have a small family now but should you decide to have more children a installing a second bathroom will a wise move for the future of your home. Plan for such eventualities in advance and construct an extra bathroom without stressing the little ones. According to maidcomplete.com extra bathrooms will be used less often accumulating less dirt compared to having one for the whole family and guests.

family bathroom
• Convenience
Having an extra bathroom downstairs can be such a luxury especially if you never had one previously. That means you will no longer need to run upstairs every time you need to use the bathroom. Having a second bathroom downstairs is more convenient when you have guests. When guest politely ask you where the bathroom is, you won’t need to provide a long list of directions.
The luxury of having your own en-suite bathroom is simply liberating. No more creeping to the bathroom across the hallway each time you need to relieve yourself in the middle of the night. Enjoy your own  custom shower and prepare for work every morning without rushing or banging down doors. It provides both comfort and privacy for you.
The convenience of a bathroom on every floor leads to improved accessibility especially for the elderly and physically disabled reducing stress on daily life.
• Improved Privacy
Privacy is one of the key motivations for adding a second bathroom. It reduces the need to share bathrooms with the rest of the family or guests. It allows you the comfort of enjoying a long luxurious bath after a hard day without worrying about inconveniencing other people. Nobody will be banging at your bathroom door asking you to hurry up.
• Amazes Guests
This may not be the main concern for adding an extra bathroom but to some extent guests will be quite amazed by the extra bathroom addition.

The home improvement projects are a huge investment, but they offer tremendous convenience and luxury.